Perhaps More Often Than She Should…

Hello, there! Today I was feeling inspired by a few instagram posts that I happened to come across featuring lovely black pumps and classic lines. I decided to bring out my Steve Madden Dainna d’Orsay Ankle Strap Pump in black suede, a black high-neck, A-line dress, an H&M light pink blazer, and my Kate Spade Park Avenue Beau Bag in Stormy.

The bag is by far the most precious item in the lineup as it was the very first designer bag I ever bought. I bought it second hand as, by 2015, they were no longer sold by the designer. It took me over a year to save up for the bag, but it was worth every penny. I remember seeing the ad below when I was still in high school and thinking to myself that I wanted to be living the life of the girl in the photo – power-walking through the city, in control, and living a fabulous life.

To this day, I still think those very words to myself when I’m leaving the office for lunch: “She took coffee breaks with her beau perhaps a little bit more often than she should.”