About The Glow-Up

I’m acne-prone, oily, in my early twenties, and on a mission to find skincare that GLOWS me up! But, it’s never that easy, is it? Every day when I go online, listen to one of my favorite beauty podcasts (shoutout to Glowing Up, Natch Beaut, and That’s So Retrograde!), or mindlessly scroll through Instagram, I’m hit with a moisturizing, vit C-packed tsunami of “must have” products.

Do I really gotta have it all to glow?

That’s what The Glow-Up: Skincare For Twenty-Somethings is all about! I test out every sheet mask, mud mask, essence, serum, and night cream I can get my hands on to show other twenty-somethings how to get their glow on.

Read it here before you buy – I already did that part for you!