Nighttime Prep for No Makeup Monday

Today, I did something I hadn’t done before: I went to work without any makeup on.

Now, for someone who has hidden behind makeup for years in fear of my acne being exposed, this was a pretty significant move. To prep my skin for this brave new world, I washed my face with my Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser, used a dab of his Special Cucumber Lotion, and followed it up with the Oil-Free Moisturizer. On top of that, I put on a small amount of The Ordinary’s 100 percent Plant-Derived Squalane Oil to seal in the moisture.

To prep for this momentous occasion, I went for my most glow-inducing products the night before.

Last night, I forwent the Acne Facial Cleanser and instead lathered on my trusty Cetaphil Normal to Oily face wash with my Clarisonic brush. After, I applied a small amount of the Drying Mask to my trouble areas – cheeks, jawbone, and T-zone.

A quick rinse later and I dabbed on pea-sized amount of Mario Badescu’s Vitamin C Serum. This serum is ridiculous – I’ve never used a product that makes my skin more radiant! After the serum, I gently massaged in my moisturizer-of-the-moment Origin’s High-Potentcy Night-A-Mins.

I originally got the moisturizer as a sample in a Sephora box and have been using it consistently for 3 weeks. I love the smell, how easily it absorbs, and the way it makes my skin feel the morning after use. I’m not sure if I’ll buy after the sample is finished, but I am definitely leaning in that direction!

What are your most glow-inducing products?