Secret to Better Skin? The Clarisonic

I had a love/hate relationship with my Clarisonic brush the last few years.

When I first got it, I went a bit crazy. I thought, as I’m sure any other desperate acne-prone woman would, “more exfoliation more good skin!” as I slapped the brush around on my face for wayyy longer than recommended.

This is when the trouble started.

I would use that buzzy Clarisonic EVERY SINGLE DAY sometimes twice a day at a dizzying speed and ferocity. As you can imagine, this didn’t end well.

My skin began to look worse and worse. I’d have big breakouts, redness, and overall facial discomfort. Turns out, I was actually doing a lot of damage to my skin.

The bristles, while gentle, can create microtears in the skin with overuse. These tears allow acne-causing agents to enter the skin, resulting in more breakouts. So, in my effort to combat my acne, I was actually giving it more ammo.

After that, I quit the Clarisonic for about 6 months, giving my skin time to get better and then steadily worse. (I’ve dealt with acne my entire life, and it seems like my early twenties are much like my early teens – pimply).

It wasn’t until I did more research that I realized microtears were a thing and probably the thing ruining my skin. Now, I use my Clarisonic with Acne Cleansing brush head twice a week and for the recommended time. I’ve been watching my acne scars disappear, my pores shrink, and my skin tone brighten. It is a world of difference from where I was 6 months ago!

For that, the Clarisonic will always be a favorite beauty tool of mine.